How to Tie a Bowline Knot

The bowline is used to tie a fixed loop at the end of rope and is used in a variety of applications. It is one of the chief sailing knots, and is often called the King of Knots.

Bowline Advantages:

Bowline Disadvantages:


Tying a Bowline

Step 1 - Form a bight, leave enough running end to complete knotbowline step 1 Step 2 - Make a loop in the standing end

bowline step 2
Step 3 - Pass running end through the loopbowline step 3 Step 4 - End passes around (behind) standing endbowline step 4
Step 5 - Running end goes back through loopbowline step 5 Step 6 - Dress and set the knot, leave plenty of taildress and set bowline

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